Matthew Herbert



  1. Funeral (From "Vida y Color")
  2. End (From "Vida y Color")
  3. The Apartment (from "Le défi")
  4. Singing In the Rain (from "Le défi")
  5. Cafe de Flore (Trio Reprise) [From "Le Dèfi"]
  6. Gang of Boys (From "Vida y Color")
  7. Blood and Hair (Rejected Music from "Manolete")
  8. Bull and Cloth (Rejected Music from "Manolete")
  9. Rendezvous (Score for "Set Boundaries", a Piece By Bonachela Dance Company)
  10. Indiscretion (Alternate Version from "Indiscretion")
  11. Forest Montage (From "The Intended")
  12. Broken Piano (From "The Intended")
  13. Tristesse (From "La Confiance Rëgne")
  14. Running from the Credits (From "La Confiance Rëgne")
  15. Nicotine (From "Nicotine")
  16. Closing Theme (From "The Intended")